My Life According to Me is not just a Video Festival. Is a transnational project of the Green European Foundation that aims to have an impact on the narrative of migratory movements; to provoke a reflection on how mass media promote a certain narrative and how certain right-wing political parties or other social actors use it to attack the migrant population. For this the project has developed several activities in several countries:


Oxford, United Kingdom. June 12th

As a part of its Annual Conference, the Green Economics Institute developed a debate on Migrations and Narratives with experts from several countries. The event aimed to explore historical examples and lessons of integration to highlight a way forward by proposing a constructive way to deal with migratory movements.


Thessaloniki, Greece. June 20th to July 8th

This event was hosted by the Greek Green Institute and MediaTerraNea Association. With workshops on photography and storytelling, this project enable around 10 young refugees and migrants to present their personality and lives according to them. The outcomes were presented in a photo exhibition.


Madrid, Spain. July 15th and 16th

The workshop on Video editing with mobile phones and free software (Kdenlive) was conducted by a professional video editor. It was addressed to people born out of Europe and now living here. People from five different countries attended.


Werneuchen (Brandenburg), Germany. July 30th

The Federation of Young European Greens, as a part of its FYEG Summer Camp, some workshops took place aimed to empower young Greens to contribute to the creation of more welcoming and inclusive societies for migrants and refugees. A group of experts provided insights and practical skills for the participants on how to successfully shape positive narratives on migration and generate impact.


Logroño (La Rioja), Spain. September 9th

The Summer School, Univerde, hosted by GEF & Fundación EQUO took place in Logroño (La Rioja) in September. One of the activities developed was a workshop that aimed to change the perspective of the audience to connect with migrant people’s one. It was conducted by Noureddine Erradi, expert in Integration. You can see the video in here.


Córdoba, España. 10 de octubre

NGO Centre of Cooperation Initiatives CIC Batá, in collaboration with Fundación EQUO, organized a video editing workshop in Córdoba
for a group of young Africans as an activity within the framework of the XIV Social cinema exhibition La imagen del Sur. This event reflects a diverse world with special emphasis on cultural and social diversity as a value that improves coexistence and enriches societies.