Video Festival: My life according to me

The main topic of this project is the search for a new narrative on migrations in Europe, and this video festival aims to provide an opportunity for migrants to show through images their daily lives and their contribution to European society in different areas, offering a positive vision of immigration against the perception of rejection that is fed by certain media and political parties.

Immigration is one of the excuses for the wave of populism which is spreading throughout Europe, using the strategy of fear to generate a public opinion contrary to the population movements. To counter this biased information, actors demanding the defence of human rights need to collectively construct a new narrative on migratory processes.

We must fight rumours with arguments, the suspicions with data and highlight the positive values of migration. In short, to generate a new narrative that allows us to disseminate the reality of migration among society, thus providing a novel conceptual framework and solid arguments to civil society. We believe migrant people in Europe must empower themselves in order to have an important role in that change of narrative. It’s important for them to take part in political activities as well as to be the narrators of their own story; to tell it from their point of view!

Contestants will upload their finished video to YouTube, under the option “Hidden” to be found in the “Privacy” settings. We recommend to include English subtitles obtained with the YouTube tool offered for this purpose.

Contestants need to send an email to including the following:

– Personal information:
o Full name
o Name or nickname to present the video
o Age
o Country where born
o Country of current residence
– Contact details (email address we can contact you at)
– The link to the “hidden” uploaded video
– A short description/explanation of the video (maximum 300 characters)
– A text document with full dialogues and/or texts, both in the original language and its translation into English.

In case the video will be selected, more information may be requested. All selected videos will be uploaded to the website of the Festival along with all the information about the Festival.

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